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Deep Isolation And Amentum Form Partnership To Commercialize Nuclear Waste Disposal Technology Globally

A partnership was created to seize the opportunities represented by a market worth 30 billion dollars

Berkeley, CA and Germantown, MD /PRNewswire/ - Deep Isolation Inc. and Amentum have signed a memorandum of understanding to commercialize Deep Isolation technology worldwide. This agreement positions the two companies as global leaders in the multi-billion dollar nuclear waste disposal business that promises to secure the future of clean nuclear energy.

Initial targets for their joint work include countries in Europe and the Pacific, which represent a combined potential market of over $30 billion for the geological disposal of spent fuel and high-level, long-lived waste.

"Amentum has unparalleled expertise and experience in using cutting-edge science and technology to successfully clean up highly complex nuclear sites," said Jim Blankenhorn, Senior Vice President of Amentum. “This partnership strengthens our collective position in a growing market to provide innovative solutions for the disposal of nuclear waste around the world.

There is a new sense of urgency regarding the disposal of nuclear waste. Low-carbon nuclear power is a powerful alternative to fossil fuels in the fight against climate change, but much of the world requires a waste disposal solution to be in place before investing in new ones. nuclear facilities. Deep Isolation's state-of-the-art nuclear technology leverages directional drilling practices to safely and effectively isolate waste in deep-drilling repositories, providing many countries with an alternative to a traditional mining repository.

“The world is changing rapidly, and it is imperative for the success of nuclear energy that we solve the problem posed by the resulting waste,” said Elizabeth Muller, CEO of Deep Isolation, environmentalist and co-founder of the company. “Deploying the solution requires large-scale teamwork.

Amentum, a leading global provider of technical and engineering services, brings with it its many strengths: servicing complex and high-risk facilities and processes, delivering environmental solutions to customers around the world, and its capabilities in environmental management and waste management.

This agreement gives Amentum access to more than 50 Deep Isolation copyrighted inventions, as well as related technical specifications and know-how. This includes the detailed Deep Isolation process, in accordance with IAEA safety standards , to adapt a deep drilling repository to the regulatory requirements, waste inventory, stakeholder needs and local geology specific to each customer.

Deep Isolation offers licenses allowing major industry players to access its protected intellectual property. The program provides access to Deep Isolation patents and engineering work, as well as planning and operating processes that can be used independently of the company's technology. "We are excited to work with Amentum to bring this solution to market," said Ms. Muller. “We are pleased with the value they are placing on Deep Isolation solutions by investing in this license.

After only four years of existence as a public company, Deep Isolation has achieved many important milestones: working with a dozen countries on three continents, creating a European subsidiary, acquiring Freestone Environmental Services and, most recently, obtaining two multi-million dollar prize awarded by the United States government.

About Deep Isolation
Deep Isolation is a leading global innovator in nuclear waste storage and disposal solutions. Driven by a passion for environmental stewardship and scientific ingenuity, the company's patented solution to advanced nuclear technologies enables global delivery through partnerships with industry leaders and the flexibility of its intellectual property licenses.

About Amentum
Amentum is a leading global technical and engineering services partner, supporting critical programs of national importance in defence, security, intelligence, energy and environment . The company has extensive experience in the nuclear remediation market and has been successful in reducing risks and solving waste management issues around the world. It builds on a century-old heritage of operational excellence, mission focus and successful execution underpinned by a strong culture of safety and ethics. Visit to discover how we bring excellence to our customers' most vital missions.

Source: Deep Isolation, Inc.

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