Dennis J. Bellville, Ph.D., Vice President And General Manager Of Merichem Gas Technologies

Source: Merichem Company -- Merichem Gas Technologies

Merichem Company, a global partner serving the oil and gas industries with focused technology, chemical, and service solutions, announced recently the appointment of Dennis J. Bellville, Ph.D. to the position of Vice President and General Manager of Merichem Gas Technologies. Dr. Bellville's responsibilities include leadership of the business unit sales, marketing, product execution, R&D and financial performance.

Dr. Bellville is replacing Mr. Gary Nagl, who has served as Vice President and General Manager of this business for nine years. Mr. Nagl will remain at Merichem as Commercial Director.

Prior to joining Merichem, Dr. Bellville held operations, sales, research and management positions at Dupont and Hoechst Celanese. For the last 16 years, Dennis was employed by UOP LLC, a Honeywell Company, where he served as a business leader for gas processing.

"We are thrilled to add Dennis to our team" said Patrick Hickey, Ph.D., Merichem President, "as he brings strong leadership skills and a vast understanding of the gas processing industry." Kenneth Currie, Chairman and CEO of Merichem, said: "We are confident Dr. Bellville will take this business to new heights, building on the foundation set by Mr. Nagl."

Dr. Bellville holds a Bachelors of Chemistry (with Honors) from the University of Michigan and a Ph.D. in Chemistry from the University of Texas, having 16 journal publications and 2 U.S. patents.

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SOURCE: Merichem Company -- Merichem Gas Technologies