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DNV Offering Zero Waste Verification Allowing Companies To Demonstrate Correct Solid Waste Disposal Practices

São Paulo, Brazil (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) - Companies are increasingly concerned about the correct management of their solid waste. At the same time, verifying the correct destination of this waste is still a challenge. To meet this market need, DNV is offering the Zero Waste Verification in partnership with Co.Circular, the company responsible for the Instituto Lixo Zero Brasil, whose methodology is validated exclusively by the Zero Waste International Alliance in Brazil. The Zero Waste Verification has several internationally established prerequisites, meets the most demanding protocols, and its main objective is to attest to the correct management of solid waste applied in accordance with the Zero Waste methodology.

"Our partnership with Co.Circular is allowing us to offer companies in South America a framework to verify their solid waste reduction efforts," says David Tellez, Regional Leader – Americas for DNV Supply Chain & Product Assurance. "The verification demonstrates to the market that the company uses internationally recognized best practices regarding the correct management of solid waste."

During the verification process, several aspects are analyzed and the participating companies that reach the minimum target of 90% of waste disposed of correctly earn the Zero Waste Certificate. Companies that obtain rates between 50% and 89.9% of correct disposal receive the Seal Towards Zero Waste. Those that achieve less than 50% of correct disposal sign the Zero Waste Commitment, an option for companies that are starting their journey and that represents a commitment to employees, collaborators, customers and society, that the company will continue to work to improve and become ‘Zero Waste’ companies in a given time frame. In addition, all participating companies receive an evaluation report to help move and increase the company's performance level, as well as an attestation reflecting the client's performance level.

According to DNV's Risk and Sustainability Manager, Caroline Passuello, verification is important for companies to have an overview of their operations. “Carrying out a check on the disposal of solid waste, regardless of the level of adherence found in relation to best practices, shows that the company is committed to obtaining a picture of its performance and identifying possible gaps. It is from this perspective that DNV can support organizations to evolve in their ESG journey,” she highlighted.

Verification steps
The verification process requires: basic legal documentation, reverse logistics, zero waste policies, reduction, innovation, reuse, organic waste management, control and monitoring, among others.

The verification of these requirements takes place in three main steps:

  • Validation of the correct disposal of solid waste in companies, by checking the percentage of landfill and incineration deviation, in addition to other criteria.
  • Helping companies to demonstrate their solid waste disposal performance to different stakeholders.
  • Demonstration of performance through a digital certificate, which is able to be shared in several electronic and physical means.

According to the Director of Instituto Lixo Zero Brasil, Mateus Peçanha, companies can benefit from verification in several ways. “Among the main benefits for companies that achieve certification are verification of ESG practice, differentiation in the market in relation to competitors, green marketing and demonstration of the company's concern for the environment and sustainable development,” emphasized Peçanha.

About Co.Circular
Co.Circular is a company that seeks, through the Waste Zero methodology, to bring innovative concepts to the business management of solid waste, applying tools of social, environmental and economic impact. The company is the only one approved in Brazil by the Zero Waste International Alliance to operate and manage the Zero Waste Certification.

About DNV
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