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G&G Manufacturing Company carries a variety of Ready Made PTO Drivelines
PTO Drivelines
G&G Manufacturing Company carries a variety of Ready Made PTO Drivelines in 6N, 12N, 14N, 35N, 44R and 55N series. These American-Made Power Take-Off Shafts are stocked in 48" overall lengths, with standard 540 rpm snap hitch yokes on the tractor end and a selection of round bore yokes on the implement end. They are fully guarded in safety orange plastic with our Uni-Shield on many sizes. Ready Made PTO Drivelines less the Implement End Yoke are also available from stock for a wider variety of configurations.

A variety of Made-To-Order PTO Drivelines are available from G&G Manufacturing Company within one of the shortest lead times in the industry. Overall lengths up to 80", 540 rpm and 1000 rpm snap hitch and shear yokes in a variety of styles, and implement end yokes in round, square, spline, hexagon and shear pin styles are all readily available in every series. In three to five weeks, G&G Manufacturing Company can produce a Made-To-Order PTO Driveline to fit almost any application.

PTO Adapters
G&G Manufacturing Company stocks Snap Hitch Splined Adapters, Standard Splined Adapters and Splined Adapter Sleeves in a variety of combinations. We also carry Pump Adapters, Pump Couplers, Snap Hitch Pump Adapters and Standard Length Splined Shafts. These adapters are ideal for numerous types of repairs and conversions.

PTO Guards & Bearing Kits
Two styles of safety orange plastic PTO Guards for 48" overall PTO Drivelines, as well as metal PTO Guards for 48" and 72" long PTO Shafts are stocked at G&G Manufacturing Company. The Bearing Kits needed for installation of these replacement guards are also available. Other lengths and materials are available by quotation.

Universal Joints
Round to Round, Round to Tube Weld and Snap Hitch to Bar Weld Universal Joints are available from stock. G&G Manufacturing Company also has the tooling to produce a variety of other Universal Joint combinations, including Back-to-Back Universal Joints from our 6N, 12N, 14N, 35N, 44R and 55N series components. These special combinations are available by quotation.

Yokes & Repair Kits
Quality American-Made Yokes are available from G&G Manufacturing Company in many sizes and styles. Our cold formed carbon steel yokes have been tested to be as strong as forged yokes and have proven their performance for over twenty years in the field. Round, Square, Spline and Hexagon bores, Bar Weld, Tube Weld and Torque Tube Weld, Snap Hitch, Shear and Shear Pin Yokes are all available from stock. Slip Sleeves, Slip Sleeve Yokes and Repair Kits are also carried on the shelf. Other sizes and styles are available by quotation.

Shear & Slip Clutches
Additional PTO Driveline safety is available from G&G Manufacturing with our Snap Hitch Shear Yokes and PTO Slip Clutch. These items are available as part of a complete PTO Driveline assembly, or as replacement for other Yokes. We can also produce Pin Stop Drivelines for use with implements that operate in a stationary position. These items are all available by quotation, within one of the shortest lead times in the industry.

G&G Manufacturing Company originated the concept of the Weldajoint. Weldajoint Yoke ears and complete Universal Joints for our 4P, 6N, 12N, 14N and 35N series. We also stock a wide variety of Weldajoint Bushings. These bushings are easily welded to the counter bore in each yoke to make a complete Yoke or Universal Joint assembly. Weldajoint Bushings are available in Round, Square, Spline, Hexagon, Rectangular and Star bores, as well as a Pin Snap Hitch style.

G&G Manufacturing Company is the originator of the Weldasprocket and Weldapulley concept. We stock a variety of Weldasprocket plates for No. 35 to No. 100 Roller Chain and Weldapulleys in O-A combination, A-B combination and C grooves, along with several sizes and styles of finished bore Weldahubs machined to fit each. These easy to assemble components reduce cost and inventory by providing more finished bore sprocket and pulley combinations with fewer components on hand. The fractional horse power pulleys are ideal for a variety of light duty applications. Hardened Tooth and Implement Chain Weldasprockets are also available from stock. Other sizes and styles are available by quotation.

Swivel, Implement & Trailer Jacks
Swivel Jacks in 2,000 pound and 5,000 pound capacities are available from G&G Manufacturing Company. These high quality jacks are manufactured from square tubing in top wind and side wind configurations. They are supplied complete with brackets for tube mount, weld-on or bolt-on mounting.

Implement and Trailer Jacks in 9,000, 10,000 and 12,000 pound capacities are also stocked. The 9,000 lb. jacks have top wind cranks in tube mount or drop leg styles. The 10,000 and 12,000 lb. jacks are side wind with a tube mount on the 10,000 lb. and drop leg on the 12,000 lb. size. Replacement components for all styles are also carried in stock. Our Jacks can be produced less the mounting brackets or attachments in a variety of lengths by quotation.

Wheel Hubs & Spindles
G&G Manufacturing Company carries a line of off highway Wheel Hubs & Spindles. These Wheel Hubs are ideal for attachments that will travel at less than 20 MPH. Wheel Hub Assemblies are available in sizes ranging from 4 Bolt, 1250 pound capacity to 10 Bolt, 19,000 pound capacity. They come complete with all bearings, bolts, nuts, hub caps and grease seals needed. The Spindle Assemblies are sold separately and come with all the mounting hardware required. We stock a complete line of replacement components for these Wheel Hub & Spindle Assemblies. Other sizes and styles are available by quotation.

Tubing & Shafting
Many styles of Tubing & Shafting are available from G&G Manufacturing Company. Square Tubing & Shafting from 3/4" to 1-1/2" diameter, Rectangular Tubing & Shafting in 3/4" x 7/8" and 1" x 1-1/8" sizes and PTO Torque Tubing are stocked in five foot and ten foot sections. Hexagon Shafting is carried in six and twelve foot lengths in 9/16" to 1-1/4" diameters . Round Repair Tubing in 1/8" and 1/4" wall sizes ranging from 1/2" to 2-1/2" inside diameter is also stocked at G&G Manufacturing Company.

Keyed Shafting in three foot and six foot sections is a standard stock item at G&G Manufacturing Company. Diameters from 1/2" to 1-15/16" with full length standard keyways are available on the shelf. Other lengths, diameters and keyway sizes are available by quotation. One foot and twelve foot sections of several standard sizes of Key Stock is also available. The one foot pieces of Key Stock are available in a handy display box or in individual bundles of each size.

Threaded Rod & Nuts
G&G Manufacturing Company stocks Acme Threaded Rod and Nuts, as well as National Coarse Threaded Rod. Right-hand Acme Rod sizes from 1/4" x 16 to 2" x 4 are available in three, six and twelve foot sections, while Left-hand sizes from 5/8" x 8 to 1-1/4" x 5 come in six foot pieces. Standard Acme Hex Nuts are carried for each size of Threaded Rod. Double Lead Acme, Ball Screws and other sizes and styles of Acme Nuts are also available by quotation.

National Coarse Threaded Rod is stocked in three, six and twelve foot sections in diameters ranging from 1/4" x 20 up to 2" x 4-1/2 with Right-hand threads. Left-hand sizes are available by quotation. Round and Square Bend U-Bolts, J-Bolts and Eye-Bolts as well as a variety of Straight Threaded Studs are also available by quotation.

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