EarthSoft Signs Contract with Colorado

Source: EarthSoft
EarthSoftEarthSoft, Inc. (Pensacola, FL) recently received a contract from the State of Colorado Hazardous Materials Waste Management Division (HMWMD). The contract includes EarthSoft's new Data Verification Module for validating chemistry deliverables. EarthSoftCandy Thompson, GIS Coordinator at the HMWMD said, "We chose EquIS because of Open Systems, and its ability to manage the analytical data we receive from a variety of contractors and facilities. We will be working with our user community to provide electronic deliverables to us in a format so that we may validate the results using the EarthSoft Data Verification Module." EarthSoftBesides the new Data Verification Module, HMWMD purchased a site license of the EarthSoft Lab Data Checker. The agency would distribute the checker to labs and contractors providing deliverables to it. HMWMD also purchased a number of licenses of EQuIS Chemistry and EQuIS Geology and the Rockware products for geological visualization, LogPlot and Rockworks98. EarthSoftDean Jacobson, president of Rockware, noted that an open data management system like EQuIS allows case managers to seamlessly connect applications like RockWorks98, LogPlot98, and Surfer. EarthSoftEQuIS for Chemistry is an environmental chemistry and geology data-management system. It has import modules for checking advanced lab deliverables and many exports to reports, graphics, and other software. Modules for EQuIS are also available for analytical laboratories to check their analytical submissions, and a Data Verification Module designed to cut the costs associated with data validation. The Geology module collects all geology data associated with site remediation projects and offers exports to products from Rockware and other common geologic software. EarthSoftContact: <%=company%>, PO Box 7558, Pensacola, FL, 32534. Tel: (800) 649-8855.