Ecosorb Odor Neutralizer

Source: OMI Industries

Ecosorb® products use natural ingredients to eliminate industrial smells without the need for harsh chemicals or masking fragrances. 

Ecosorb® is the green solution for industrial odor control.

Ecosorb® products use natural ingredients to eliminate industrial smells without the need for harsh chemicals or masking fragrances. Highly versatile and proven effective, Ecosorb® odor control products offer a complete solution, eliminating the need for multiple solutions.

  • Effective for both organic and inorganic odors
  • Safe for humans
  • Safe for animals
  • Safe for the environment
  • Nontoxic
  • Custom engineered solutions when needed

We don’t mask odors; we eliminate odors.
You know the smells: orange citrus, cherry bomb, rose petal; they’re commonly used fragrances others use to “hide” industrial odors. Much of the time, these masking fragrances don’t work to control odors. And if they do, it’s a short-term solution at best. Once the fragrance wears away, the malodor returns. What’s worse, despite the pleasant names, most masking fragrances are anything but natural.

Ecosorb® products are just the opposite. They don’t mask industrial odors. They react on a molecular level to neutralize them. And Ecosorb® products don’t rely on chemicals.

Fast and effective.
While amazingly effective, the principles by which Ecosorb® odor neutralizers work are rather straightforward. The fundamental mechanisms involved are adsorption, absorption, gas solubility and reaction. When diluted with water and broadcast via atomization, the tiny water droplets created contain a thin oil skin that creates an electrostatic charge. This charge facilitates adsorption of the malodor molecules onto the droplet surface. The gas is absorbed by the droplet (solubility) and held.

Scientifically proven. Perfectly safe.
The odor destroying powers of Ecosorb® products are supported by extensive research conducted by independent laboratories, universities, and olfactometry researchers. They have proven their safety and effectiveness – something that sets Ecosorb® products apart from other odor control products. Independent firms, both domestic and international, were used to ensure accurate, non-biased results. We can provide more detailed research data to support Ecosorb® products and their proven safety across a variety of industrial markets.

Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDSs): Ecosorb® products conform with the United States Occupational, Safety, and Health Administration (OSHA) Federal Hazard Communication Standard 29 CFR 1910.1200 that requires manufacturers to be exact in the presentation of information on MSDSs.

Human Toxicity: An independent laboratory tested Ecosorb® products for human toxicity against Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Guidelines. In all cases – including acute oral toxicity, acute dermal toxicity, acute inhalation toxicity, primary eye irritation, primary dermal irritation and dermal sensitization – Ecosorb® products received the safest possible classification.

Fish Toxicity: Ecosorb® products were tested for fish toxicity to establish any potential problems from the spillage or use of Ecosorb® products in an exposed water stream. The United States EPA testing standards listed below prove Ecosorb® products to be completely nontoxic to marine life:

EPA Method 72-2, Daphnia Magna
EPA Method 72-1, Fathead Minnow
EPA Method 72-1, Rainbow Trout
EPA Method 797-1300, Daphnia Magna
EPA Method 797-1400, Fathead Minnow
EPA Method 797-1400, Rainbow Trout

Volatile Organic Compound (VOC) Analysis: Two independent laboratories tested Ecosorb® products against EPA Method 624 and 8260 to ensure the use of Ecosorb® products at a facility does not contribute to the total VOC output. Both tests showed no harmful VOCs or HAPs.

Gas Testing: Ecosorb® products were tested via a Gas Chromatograph on a range of gases that are common nuisance odors in industry. Gases tested were hydrogen sulfide, sulfur dioxide, ammonia, ethyl mercaptan, and methyl mercaptan. Ecosorb® products exhibited a dramatic effect on each of these gases