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Engineering Software
Engineer's Aide SiNET combines Engineering Intelligence with advanced pipeline network analysis pipeline network analysis and CostPlus detailed equipment cost analysis
EPCON InternationalRO Flare is used for the analysis of multi-compositional flare headers and includes all of the features of SiNET XLC. The composition of each inlet relief point to the flare header can be specified, and mixture properties are automatically calculated at every internal node in the flare header.

Multiple relief scenarios are accommodated utilizing the database structure of the program, and loops with multiple flares can also be analyzed. Comprehensive flare system analysis along with a flash program allows for precise determination of the flare load and flare header backpressure for process sytems that have complex multicomponent sources.

The product with OLGAS includes all the features of the flare and adds the OLGAS mechanistic two-phase flow model which is said to be accurate over a wide range of conditions.

For flowsheet synthesis analysis, the company also offers SYNPHONY which determines all feasible flowsheets from a given set of feasible operating units with rankings by costs.

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