News | June 17, 2017

Envirolaska Works To Make Medical Waste Disposal Less Costly And More Accessible For Rural Alaska Healthcare Providers

Anchorage, AK (PRWEB) - Envirolaska, LLC, an Alaska Native owned medical waste services company headquartered in Anchorage, Alaska, is proud to announce its introduction of an expansive line of return mail medical waste disposal solutions launched specifically to support rural Alaska healthcare providers. Alaska practitioners can now safely dispose of their regulated medical wastes through a more cost-effective and fully compliant solution via the United States Postal Service (USPS). The USPS-authorized solutions available through Envirolaska offer average cost savings of 20-30% from competitive systems offered by national service providers while addressing a range of historic challenges unique to the Alaska market.

According to research completed by the Alaska Community Action on Toxics (ACAT), shipping costs along with the limited availability of disposal options for clinical wastes have been rural healthcare providers’ two largest challenges in effectively managing regulated medical wastes including sharps, red bag, and general biomedical materials which require specialized treatment. Tightening restrictions involving incineration regulations and air quality standards have further restricted abilities to manage clinical wastes at the community level. Thus, limited options and increasing costs for healthcare waste disposal has continued to impact rural providers’ abilities to safely and compliantly manage these materials while completing patient care activity.

ACAT’s study further reports that roughly 40-60% of potentially infectious waste generated at rural village and regional healthcare facilities are transported from the point of generation for treatment. The use of non-authorized USPS systems or containment not in conformance with transportation requirements can produce unnecessary liabilities for waste generators along with public exposure risks, particularly if wastes are mobilized via small aircraft as common throughout rural Alaska. USPS-authorized return mail solutions, which require the use of certified components along with extensive package integrity testing, address these challenges head on while simplifying the disposal process so that less time and energy is required by practitioners to manage clinical wastes.

Envirolaska’s USPS-authorized solutions are launched through distribution agreement with Texas based, PureWay Compliance, Inc., a market leader in return mail medical waste disposal solutions across the lower 48 market. "Regulatory compliance, the transference of industry best practice, and establishment of more cost-effective disposal solutions across the Alaska market are primary components of our business model," said Envirolaska’s President, Clinton White. "Through PureWay’s industry breadth and our Alaska based operations, we believe that we have a developed an innovative partnership which offers significant new value for Alaska’s healthcare industry.”

The PureWay disposal systems, now available through Envirolaska, offer unique benefits compared to other solutions available in the Alaska market. For one, certain systems are up to 20% larger than the industry standard, saving waste generators money throughout the year as fewer systems need to be purchased. Additionally, generators will gain new abilities to track their wastes from pickup to destruction via live email notifications and electronic destruction certificates. This differs significantly from services historically available in the Alaska market which require generators to submit requests before paper based destruction documentation is received. The improved record accessibility helps generators meet their reporting requirements more efficiently. Secondly, this provides greater visibility of operational data at each individual practice which can be used to support minimization strategies that further reduce regulated medical waste volumes and disposal costs.

“We are very excited to expand our connection to the Alaska market through locally owned enterprise,” said PureWay CEO Jeffery Miglicco. “Not only does this partnership help improve access to compliant disposal options across the Alaska market, it creates a more cost-effective solution that generators can utilize to better support public health and safety.”

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