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The new DF868 ultrasonic liquid flowmeter, a fixed-installation meter based ...

The new DF868 ultrasonic liquid flowmeter, a fixed-installation meter based on the manufacturer's TransPort PT868 portable ultrasonic Flowmeter, has been announced. The DF868 is available with two built-in measuring modes.

The transit-time mode, said to incorporate the advanced signal coding and correlation detection methods, provides drift-free flow measurements in ultra-clean to dirty liquids. This mode can handle 80% of the common multiphase liq2uids including fluids with gas bubbles, liquid droplets and entrained solids, that previously required Doppler-type maters because conventional transit-time meters failed. An innovative TransFlection mode---using advanced proprietary technology expands further the instruments measuring capabilities even further. This includes the more difficult applications such as raw sewage, sludge, slurries and other multiphase fluids.

An optional dual-channel/dual-path model can be user-configured for a variety of uses including flow measurement in two different pipes, leak detection by measuring at two different locations on the same pipe, and dual-path measurement at one location for maximum accuracy.

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