NORAM Receives Order For A Generator Acid Purification System Based On Eco-Tec's Recoflo

Pickering, ON - NORAM has received an order for the first Generator Acid Purification (GAP™) system for a Kraft mill. The GAP™ system converts waste sodium sesquisulfide from ClO2 generators into re-usable sodium sulfate and sulfuric acid. Both products can be used in the pulping process, thus eliminating a waste product and saving on chemicals.

The GAP™ system, developed by Paprican, is based on the technologically-advanced Eco-Tec short bed ion exchange system, Recoflo®. Over 1,500 such installations find application in the metals industry, but this application represents a first for the pulp and paper sector. Inputs to the process are minimal, as only water is required for resin bed regeneration. Escalating chemical costs in the industry, and the low GAP™ operating costs, are expected to drive widespread uptake of the technology. Start-up at the North American site is expected in early 2009.

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