News | September 10, 2007

Going Green Could Save You Thousands, Says Steve Chafitz, President Of e-EndUSA

Frederick, MD - Electronic waste is the USA's fastest growing category of solid waste, according to the EPA. So when Steve Chafitz, President of e-EndUSA, a Frederick electronics recycling company, walks down the sidewalk he knows the black garbage bag on the curb is his biggest competition. That's how many people hide their old electronics for a covert trip to the landfill.

At the Frederick Chamber of Commerce breakfast on Sept. 11, 2007, Mr. Chafitz will explain the right things to do about recycling and the importance of eco-friendly businesses. He will speak on how companies are 100% responsible for their "end of life" electronics, plus the need to comply with various privacy laws, "Land filling is not an option" Chafitz emphasizes.

Whether it's healthcare, finance, banking, or a home office, very few business executives know about the eight federal regulations that could apply to them, all with severe consequences for non-compliance. Federal regulations for many industries can be viewed at:

"Almost every company has old computers and electronics stored in a closet. All it takes is the data on one unused PC to be compromised and the cost to the company to recover from the bad PR and the loss of customer confidence will be in the millions," says Mr. Chafitz. Companies often make serious mistakes when it comes to handling their old computers. You can learn about those at:

"Properly recycling of old electronics doesn't need to be difficult. Contact companies who already have a recycling program and get some recommendations, or check the web. Be sure the company you choose has a zero landfill policy, provides certificates of recycling and find out what they are doing with data on your hard drives," added Chafitz.

e-EndUSA created the innovative e-Green Alliance at to help companies who want to implement environmentally friendly practices and to be recognized for their commitment.