Heavy Duty Vacuum Load Container

Source: Dragon Products, Inc.
Heavy Duty Vacuum Load Container

FLOOR: 1 /4 PL once piece
CROSSMEMBERS: 3 x 4.1 channel 12" on center
WALLS/ROOF: 1 /4 PL solid welded, inside liner hooks
STRUCTURE: Tubing and formed channel supports rated to operated at 30" hg
D R: 1 /4 PL with tubing frame
FRONT: 1 /4 PL with push plates
PICK UP: Standard cable with 2 x 6 x 1 /4 rails, gusset at each crossmember
WHEELS: 4 each 10 DIA x 9 long with grease fittings
DOOR LATCH: 4 independent ratchet binders with chains, vertical second latch
GASKETS: Extruded rubber seal with metal retainers
WELDS: All welds continuous except substructure crossmembers
FINISH: Coated inside and out with direct to metal, rust inhibiting acrylic enamel color coat
HYDROTESTING: Full capacity static test
DIMENSIONS: 22'-1 1 " long (21 '8" inside), 94" wide (83" inside), see drawing for height
OPTIONS: Steel grit blast and special paint Ampliroll, Hell and Dino pick up

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