High Efficiency Venturi Scrubber

Source: Advanced Industrial Technology Corp.
A high efficiency, compact, and cost effective scrubber is well suited for a broad range of applications. Particulates removal, fumes removal, and removal of sulphur oxides and obnoxious gases are accomplished with less energy consumption than other type of scrubbers. Scrubbers are available in stainless steel, c. S., FRP and other plastics.
AIT High Efficiency Venturi Scrubber is a most energy efficient and compact scrubber design developed through extensive research and testing. Using a horizontal flow Venturi and an intensive water distritution system to scrub the contaminated gases followed by separation of the scrubbing water in a cyclonic separator, this model has been shown in field tests to out performance other competitive scrubbers by a margin of 2:1 ratio in term of outlet loading when operating on same conditions. Removal of SO2, HCl, and other acidic gases are accomplished with the use of alkalinic solution for scrubbing.