News | August 9, 2023

ICE Thermal Harvesting, Gardner Capital Specialty Group, And VECKTA Collaborate On Onsite Energy Systems Financing

San Diego, CA /PRNewswire/ - ICE Thermal Harvesting, Gardner Capital Specialty Group, and VECKTA are excited to announce the successful completion of financing for the deployment of distributed energy systems across multiple industrial sectors. The committed facility of $150 million can be expanded to accommodate the growth trajectory of ICE over the next 5 years, and represents a significant step towards advancing sustainable energy generation for producers in the energy industry and beyond.

ICE Thermal's financing facility, secured from Gardner Capital Specialty Group through the VECKTA Marketplace, will enable the deployment of cutting-edge onsite energy systems to power consumers across multiple industries. These systems, utilizing waste heat from industrial operations, will dramatically reduce energy consumption at each site by converting waste heat from operations into clean electricity. This transformational initiative will enhance operational efficiency, reduce carbon footprints, and achieve substantial cost savings for the participating companies.

ICE Thermal Co-founder and CEO, Carrie Murtland said:
"We are thrilled to be part of this collaboration that brings clean, decentralized power solutions to industrial consumers. By harvesting waste heat and converting it into emissions-free electricity, ICE is contributing to a more sustainable and efficient energy future. VECKTA made it incredibly easy to connect with Gardner, and this partnership allows us to drive innovation and make a positive impact on the global energy landscape."

Gardner Capital Specialty Group President of Investments, Jeff Judd said:
"At Gardner Capital Specialty Group, we are proud to support the deployment of onsite energy systems that promote renewable energy and enhance efficiency. Our tax equity and project financing expertise combined with our commitment to maximizing investment efficiency ensures that businesses can embrace new technologies while achieving their financial and sustainability goals. We love the VECKTA Marketplace because we're presented with great financing opportunities that we wouldn't have been exposed to otherwise. We are excited to be part of this transformative collaboration."

VECKTA Founder & CEO, Gareth Evans said:
"VECKTA is dedicated to empowering businesses and communities to achieve their energy objectives. By connecting stakeholders and streamlining the deployment of onsite energy resources, we enable businesses to navigate the complexities of energy transition with confidence. This collaboration represents a significant milestone in our mission to drive sustainability, reliability, and cost-effectiveness across the commercial and industrial landscape."

The collaboration between ICE Thermal Harvesting and Gardner Capital Specialty Group, facilitated by VECKTA's platform represents a significant step towards a greener and more sustainable future. Together, these companies are driving innovation in the power sector and leading the way in the adoption of onsite energy systems. More details can be found here.

ICE Thermal Harvesting specializes in providing decentralized clean power solutions by harnessing waste heat from industrial operations. Their innovative technology effortlessly converts this waste heat into emissions-free electricity, addressing the challenges of rising electricity demand, the pressure to decarbonize, and the limited global power supply.

Gardner Capital Specialty Group focuses on tax equity and project financing for renewable energy, energy storage, and efficiency projects. By partnering with trusted vendors, Gardner Capital Specialty Group ensures that investments in new technology operate at maximum efficiency. With a proven track record of developing over 250 MW of renewable energy projects and 4000+ housing units across 32 states, they bring extensive experience and financial capabilities to the table.

VECKTA offers a software platform and marketplace for energy, empowering commercial and industrial businesses to finance and deploy energy systems with precision. Their comprehensive solution streamlines site identification, determines optimal systems, secures firm bids from leading suppliers, and matches projects with competitive financing. By seamlessly connecting stakeholders, VECKTA facilitates sustainability, reliability, and cost objectives for businesses.

Source: VECKTA

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