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ID Tech Partners With MCD To Provide Complete Traceability, Transparency And Visibility For Solid Waste Management And Remediation Of Waste Dumps In Delhi

New Delhi /PRNewswire/ - ID Tech Solutions, a leading provider of advanced technology solutions, has been awarded a contract by the Municipal Corporation of Delhi (MCD) to provide complete traceability, transparency, and visibility for solid waste management in the city. Under the contract, ID Tech will implement two solutions at various sites across the city.

The first wave of installation is for three sites in Okhla, Balaswa, and Ghazipur, for monitoring the remediation of dumps by bio-mining of legacy waste from landfills. Bio-mining separates various components of legacy waste such as Inert, RDF, C&D and other domestic and commercial waste by passing them through a trammel screening machine. ID Tech's integrated solution will provide real-time monitoring of the biomining process, ensuring transparency and traceability of the waste that has been segregated and moved out of dumping sites on a daily basis.

The second wave of the solution will be installed at 16 sites across the city, including C&D plants, Waste to Energy plants, and SLFs. ID Tech Solutions will install an RFID Weighment System for various weigh bridges installed at these sites. The RFID Weighment System will provide real-time monitoring and weighing of everyday waste brought to these dumping sites. The system will be integrated with a customized, smart, unmanned and secured, automated weighing system consisting of RFID Readers, Boom Barriers, a Weighbridge Centering System and a licensed software solution. The software will auto-detect the truck having pre-defined details for vehicle weighment, capturing the rear, front and top view images of the vehicle being weighed to have material visualization along with the positioning of the vehicle on the weighbridge through sensors installed at the entry, exit, and middle of the platform to avoid the problem of duplicating or artificial weighing.

The weighment shall be integrated with all three systems, i.e., vehicle identification through RFID sensor, vehicle position through IR/laser beam, and image capturing by CCTV surveillance system at the time of weight taking. The weight has to be taken by activation of the vehicle positioning system with 3 pairs of sensors in a synchronized manner. The picture as well as recording for each weighment will be saved in records and also printed on the weighment slips. The software will have a simple user interface so that any operator can use the software with ease. The Solution has features like user authentication, multilevel roles and privileges, generate and export reports with predefines and user defined filters, notifications and alerts, multiple level of MIS and Dashboard, video surveillance, underweight and overweight compliances, vehicle authentications and many more.

"We are thrilled to be awarded this contract by the Municipal Corporation of Delhi," said Mr. Saurav Khemani, CEO of ID Tech Solutions. "Our solution will enable complete traceability, transparency, and visibility of the waste management process, providing the MCD and citizens of Delhi with a reliable and efficient solid waste management system."

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