Source: Enviro-Klean Remediation Group Inc.
The "KLEAN MACHINE" is a patented low/high temperature thermal desorption system for cleaning hydrocarbon (petroleum) contaminated soil
Enviro-Klean Remediation Group Inc.AN MACHINE" is a patented low/high temperature thermal desorption system for cleaning hydrocarbon (petroleum) contaminated soil. This is a very mobile system contained on a forty-foot low-bed trailer for ease of moving from site-to-site, and can be setup and operating within a few hours. Through-put will depend on type of soil, moisture content and level of contamination, however the KLEAN MACHINE® is capable, under controlled conditions, of:
  • processing up to 18 tons per hour
  • cleaning soil down to a non-detect level
  • contaminate levels up to 50,000 ppm
  • moisture levels to 10%

After passing through a screening device, the contaminated soil is conveyed to the top of the KLEAN MACHINE where it is spread out using a unique auger system over an eight foot length. The soil then cascades like a waterfall through propane (or natural gas) flame where the contaminates are vaporized and driven off to the baghouse. There are three such chambers to assure all the hydrocarbon contaminates are vaporized. Cleaned soil then proceeds through a dust control system and is conveyed away from the KLEAN MACHINE where it may be tested and used immediately as backfill or for other disbursement.
The gaseous vapors pass through a baghouse by an induced draft fan where fine dust particulate are removed and sent back to the processor. Gasses then pass into the Thermal Oxidizer where they are heated to a temperature approaching 1500°F. The Thermal Oxidizer thoroughly destroys the hydrocarbon contaminates. Exhaust from the Thermal Oxidizer is then treated, cooled and returned to the atmosphere at air quality levels far below accepted standards for most jurisdictions.

Rate: 12 tons per hour
Contaminant: 2% diesel or 20,000 ppm
Moisture: 5%
Processor Temp: 800°F - 1200°F
Particulate: ‹ .02 Gr/scf-dry
CO: ‹ 2000 ppm to non-detect
VOC's: 98% destructive at 1400°F at T/O
Thermal Oxidizer: Direct Thermal .6 second residence time @ 1400°F
Soil Classification: ASTM D2487-83, GW, GP, SW & SP
*Petroleum Contaminated Soils Cleaned to: MTC Act Table V Class 2 Levels
KLEAN MACHINE delivers many unique features.

  • Complete and secure sealing system of the Thermal Processor
  • Metering achieved by the inverted drive infeed conveyor
  • Efficient dust control system on soil discharge conveyor
  • Use of propane or natural gas for fuel so as not to re-contaminate the site
  • The complete system will fit on one vehicle for highway transport with the exception of conveyer and screening systems•
  • Such added equipment as special air scrubbers and extension towers can be attached to the exhaust system for the removal of special volatiles such as chlorine
  • All-electric, state-of-the-art control system for efficiency, safety and quietness of operation.

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