LFG Control

LFG Control
Flare Monitoring System (FMS) is an electronic data collection and storage system that enables remote access to flare operations via the Internet
Flare Monitoring System (FMS) is an electronic data collection and storage system that enables remote access to flare operations via the Internet. The information that is collected by the inputs to the FMS is stored locally in an industrial rated field computer that routinely updates off-site computers. These servers automatically backup the data and make it web-accessible to authorized personnel.

The FMS replaces auto-dialers and chart recorders and adds access to the operational status, including maintenance records and real-time status.

Accu-Flo Wellheads are prefabricated flow control devices specifically developed for installation on LFG extraction system wells. The easily installed wellheads incorporate a built-in gas flow measurement device (a modified pitot tube), gas temperature port, quick-connect gas sample and pressure ports, flow control gate valve and flex-hose. Both horizontal and vertical configurations are available in three sizes to handle a wide range of gas flows.

Knockouts (KO) incorporate a cyclonic moisture separator (knockout) with field proven design. Featuring an in-line design, the KO-1 eliminates the need for low-point or sawtooth collection systems and can virtually eliminate the surging and field tuning problems associated with other systems.

LAPS, Landfill Automatic Pumping Station, simplifies the management and transfer of LFG condensate and leachate from collection points to disposal points. The entire system is pneumatically or electrically driven to provide safe and reliable operation.

Wellbore Seals minimize surface emissions and air intrusions around well bores with an impermeable membrane. The WBS consists of a strong flexible membrane with a collapsible stovepipe-shaped boot that clamps onto the well casing and extends above the surface. As landfill settlement occurs, the collapsed boot elongates and requires only occasional adjustment.

LFG Migration Probes are designed and manufactured to meet the customer's requirements for monitoring subsurface landfill gas migration. Each kit incorporates up to four probe depths within a compact, below-ground vault.

Portable Calibration Gas Kit enables field calibrations to be made on-site ensuring the best possible accuracy. It takes about ten minutes to perform a complete field calibration. Calibrations can be made on-site through out the day to account for changes in temperature and weather conditions.

Flex Hoses are commonly used at wellheads, header and lateral pipes, pump stations and knock-outs, main lines and at other connection points where there is expansion, contraction, and pipe movement due to landfill settlement. Flexible connections prevent excessive stress, which is one of the most common causes of gas conveyance line failure in landfill gas, Condensate and Liachate system.

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