Source: New Waste Concepts, Inc.
Save Time and Money With LitterFence, The Most Effective, Economical, And Easy Way To Stop Litter...
Save Time and Money With LitterFence, The Most Effective, Economical, And Easy Way To Stop Litter.

State of the Art Design
LitterFence works by transmitting the force of the wind and stray trash to the base of the fence, where it collects for easy pick-up. The angled supports are adjustable to accommodate different slope variations and micro-climates. Each support is constructed of lightweight aluminum and stainless steel. The net is constructed of thermoplastic webbing with vertical support bars and woven anchor wire.

The extremely lightweight design of LitterFence was made for ease of transportation. LitterFence will arrive at your site completely assembled. Each unit weighs less than 100 lbs. (46.35 kg) each, making setup easy. The unit will take approximately ten minutes to erect, and once erected, the unit is simple to move. Two people working together, simply release two wires, lift each end, and carry the fence to the desired location. LitterFence features a simple design which makes it easy to roll up and carry longer distances.

The LitterFence system comes in units 50 ft. wide x 10 ft. high (15.2 m x 3.04 m) designed to set at an angle to accommodate various slopes. The angled masts are engineered to withstand high winds even when the fence is filled with litter.

Cost Effective
LitterFence is designed to make litter pick-up quick and easy, saving your company hundreds of dollars in labor costs. In one instance, a landfill found they reduced their costs for labor pickup by 66%: attaining a 100% payback of the LitterFence in only 5 days!

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