Magnetic Head Pulleys

Source: Dings Magnetic Group
Magnetic Head Pulleys
These magnetic head pulleys are simple, effective magnetic
These magnetic head pulleys are simple, effective magnetic separators. Users can mount it in place of a standard head pulley and it separates ferrous metal from the product stream. As product passes over the head pulley, non-ferrous material is discharged in a normal trajectory. Ferrous metal is attracted to the pulley and remains on the belt until the belt moves away from the pulley, falling clear of the product stream. The separation is automatic and continuous.

DFC head pulleys are built using the manufacturer's flux control magnetic circuit. This design helps ensure continuous magnetism around the entire circumference of the pulley (no dead spots). For less critical applications, a conventional magnetic circuit design is also offered. Features include:

•Permanent magnet means no energy consumption
•Uniform magnetic field
•Large selection of widths and diameters available
•Crowned face for belt tracking
•Weatherproof stainless steel face
•Shipped ready to install
•Optional lagging available

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