News | March 8, 2011

Medical Waste Collection In Tampa Florida Partners For Waste-To-Energy Disposal By Incineration

Tampa, FL - As part of its commitment to eco-friendly medical waste collection in Tampa, Medical Waste Collection, Inc. works to provide safe, environmentally friendly, medical waste disposal by incineration.

By choosing a waste-to-energy incineration process for medical waste disposal, the company and the environment reaps the benefits of both waste reduction and energy creation. Incineration has many advantages over traditional autoclave disinfection.

Regulated medical waste can be disposed of by being disinfected via autoclave or by incineration. After either, the waste is then taken to a landfill. The first does nothing to reduce the volume of medical waste, which then takes up valuable landfill space. With the second option, incineration, the medical waste is consumed in an incinerator which reduces the landfill waste by 90 percent. An additional benefit is that the program uses waste-to-energy technology to provide clean energy as a byproduct of the incineration process.

In addition to the benefits above, medical waste disposal by incineration kills all potential sources of infection whereas the autoclave process may not. This makes the waste handlers and our families safer. Safer and less waste into the landfill makes less problems coming out of the landfill.

In the end, Medical Waste Collection in Tampa offers our healthcare facilities an environmentally friendly alternative to traditional medical waste management. Pathogen destruction which is cleaner and safer with fewer emissions into the atmosphere while gaining the benefit of reduced landfill needs is clearly the way to go. And in these times, energy being reclaimed that would otherwise not be produced helps to relieve the stress on our power supply infrastructure.

SOURCE: Medical Waste Collection, Inc.