Model MG-6419 Multigrapple Skidsteer

Source: Multitek, Inc
Need a Large Diameter Grappleā€¦Grab it with the Multitek Skidsteer Grapple Model MG-6419
The Model MG-6419 Multigrapple Skidsteer grapple is used for large diameter clamping tasks like brush and other large bulky material. This versatile skid steer grapple attachment features our largest grapple opening at 64 inch gripping diameter Multitek manufacturing uses hardened bushings and grease zerks at the pivot points and a standard two pin quick attachment plate that is widely accepted in the market. Attachments come equipped standard with ½" Pioneer hydraulic quick connects and Weatherhead hydraulic hose and fittings. The attachments are factory tested and ready to go to work. Grapples will require auxiliary hydraulic system on loader and hydraulic hoses to go from loader to grapple. For further information contact Multitek, Inc at 1-800-243-5438 or visit us on the web at www.

  • Grab Opening: 64"
  • Grab Close: 20"
  • Grab Width: 6 ¼" (center tine)
  • Grapple Height: 36"
  • Grapple Width: 44 ½"
  • Fork Length: 40" tapered (standard)
  • Weight: 980 lbs
  • Quick-Tach Plate: ¼" standard
  • Quick Connects: ½" Pioneer (standard)


  • Flatface Hydraulic Connects
  • Fork Length, 42", 44" 46" 48"
  • Heavy Duty Quick-Tach Plate 3/8"
  • Hose Routing

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