New Brochure Presents New Pump Technology

Source: Blackhawk Technology Company

A new six-page, four-color brochure details a range of positive displacement pump options designed for landfill applications. Offered by Blackhawk Technology Company, this new brochure documents new product innovations leading to today's most efficient technology for gas well dewatering and leachate collection.

This brochure includes a detailed pump selection guide, along with details on instrumentation and on ancillary products for installation and maintenance.

Specific application information is included for landfill operations, including both environmental and engineering advantages of the pumps documented in the brochure.

Founded in 1990, Blackhawk Technology Company manufactures the industry's most comprehensive line of electric, pneumatic, and windmill top-head-drive positive displacement piston pumps designed to withstand the harshest outdoor environments and the most rigorous downhole pumping conditions. The Company originated landfill and groundwater remediation piston pumps, based on extensive application experience in landfills, petrochemical facilities, and remediation sites.

SOURCE: Blackhawk Technology Company