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New Partnership From Ways2H And Element 2 Brings 40 Waste-To-Hydrogen Refueling Stations To The UK, Beginning In Scotland

Ways2H waste-to-hydrogen production facilities will supply Element 2 hydrogen refueling stations to serve as many as 1,600 fuel cell buses per day

Long Beach, CA and Skipton /PRNewswire/ - Ways2H Inc., a global supplier of renewable hydrogen systems, and Element 2, a hydrogen refueling station provider and hydrogen fuel retailer, today announced plans to collaborate on the production and distribution of renewable hydrogen fuel for public transit and other transport in the UK, Ireland and Europe. This new partnership will accelerate the transition away from fossil fuels and help meet carbon-reduction goals.

Under the partnership, Ways2H will supply facilities that convert waste into hydrogen gas to supply Element 2's network of hydrogen refueling stations. The two companies envision as many as 40 sites that will each provide 500 kg to 1 ton per day of renewable hydrogen fuel. As they begin to arrive in the UK, this will be enough for a heavy-duty truck, lorry or other Heavy Goods Vehicle to cover 11,000 road kilometers (6,835 miles). The first project is planned for a location in Scotland, a leading hydrogen nation that has aggressive goals to develop a hydrogen economy.

"Our hydrogen supply agreement with Ways2H is an important step in Element 2's plan to deliver 2,000 hydrogen refueling stations across the UK, Ireland and Europe by 2030," said Element 2 CEO Tim Harper. "As we work to procure renewable hydrogen to supply our refueling stations, we are pleased to be able to include Ways2H and their Circular Economy approach to producing hydrogen from waste as part of the Element 2 network."

Ways2H recycles municipal solid waste, plastic, sewage sludge and other refuse in a carbon-neutral process that converts the waste into a gas and extracts pure hydrogen that can be used as fuel for fuel-cell vehicles or power generators. Using the same technology as a recently completed waste-to-hydrogen facility in Tokyo, Ways2H is working to supply multiple waste-to-hydrogen facilities in the UK, Europe, the US and other regions around the world.

"Scotland is a world leader in transitioning to clean hydrogen and renewables from fossil fuels to address climate change, and we look forward to working with Element 2 to supply clean hydrogen fuel for cars, trucks, buses, ferries and other transport across Scotland, the UK and Europe," said Ways2H CEO Jean-Louis Kindler.

About Ways2H
Ways2H, Inc. applies a carbon-neutral thermochemical process to convert waste into renewable hydrogen. The company's patented process extracts hydrogen from the world's worst waste streams – municipal solid waste, plastics and other refuse – without incineration to produce clean fuel for mobility and power generation. A joint venture between US-based Clean Energy Enterprises and Japan Blue Energy Co., Ltd., Ways2H is a unique solution for the global $400 billion+ solid waste management market and the rapidly growing hydrogen economy, estimated to reach $2.5 trillion by 2050. Please visit us at

About Element 2
Element 2 is a UK-based venture capital backed deployer of Hydrogen Refueling Stations and a retailer of hydrogen fuel to the consumer. We are working closely with councils, transport operators and fleet owners to identify and develop sites and support vehicle conversions to accelerate NetZero strategies. We are investing in prime locations in the North of England, Scotland and Ireland, and plan to deploy over 800 pumps onto the UK network by 2027 and 2000 by 2030.

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