Nurescell Inc. Begins Marketing Effort

Nurescell Inc. (Newport Beach, CA) announced on Jul. 6 that it has started implementation of its marketing plan.

The focus of Nurescell's marketing activities is to present to the marketplace the Nurescell material, and its uses related to high and low level radioactive containment and safety measures.

As a first step, the company entered into a definitive contract with Dr. Chang Chiu, a former dean of physics at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and the former general manager of the San Onofre Nuclear Power Station. The contract will provide certain marketing, product development, specification review, and other services to Nurescell related to nuclear power plants worldwide.

Nurescell also initiated contact with major defense contractors and various other Fortune 500 companies within the U.S.

Nurescell was formed for the purpose of developing and commercially exploiting a proprietary radiation shielding technology for use by the nuclear power industry and others producing, handling, or storing radioactive materials.

The Nurescell Technology is being designed as a contaminate material that provides an alternative to the conventional concrete/steel entombment and glassification technologies currently used to store spent nuclear fuel and other radioactive waste.

The Nurescell Technology is based upon a proprietary formulation that was acquired from Adrian A. Joseph, Ph.D., the company's president and majority shareholder, in June.

Contact: Nurescell Inc., Adrian Joseph, Newport Beach, CA. Tel: 949-752-0071; E-mail: