Oil Sponge Premium Absorbent

Source: Desert Shield International, Inc.
Oil Sponge Premium Absorbent
Oil Sponge is a premium absorbent for the "Encapsulation" and "Bioremediation" of oils, greases, fats and petroleum based liquids
The Environmentally Friendly Way To Absorb Oils, Grease, Fats, Paint and Petroleum Based Liquids.

Garage and Shop Maintenance

General Purpose Floor Absorbent

Hazardous Spill Clean-Up

Home Use

Oil Sponge is made from reclaimed cotton fibres, nut pith with hydrocarbon eating microbes. Oil Sponge absorbs oil based liquids and most chemicals, while repelling water. Oil Sponge encapsulates and prevents leaching of contaminated liquids up to saturation point.

Oil Sponge passes E.P.A. Paint Filter/TCLP Testing.

A derivative of our Oil Sponge Remedial Premium Absorbent, Oil Sponge G.P. absorbs oil based liquids and most chemicals; is non-leaching up to saturation point and passes E.P.A. Paint Filter/TCLP Testing.

Makes disposal of contaminated materials safer and easier. Oil Sponge G.P. is cost effective as it absorbs up to 8 times more than "Clay" type products.

Not for use on Acids


  • Absorbs Up to 8 Times More Than "Clay" Type Products
  • Contains Natural Micro-Organisms
  • Safe Around Agriculture and Livestock
  • Fast Absorbing Action
  • Will Absorb Most Chemicals
  • Will Bioremediate Most Hydrocarbons
  • Will Not Leach Into The Environment, Up to Saturation Point
  • Reduces Volatility of Flammable Spills
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