News | November 20, 2010

OMI Industries' Eco-Friendly Ecosorb Spray Gel Provides New Ways To Combat Industrial Odors

Source: OMI Industries

Solution is designed for topical application onto solid and semi-solid materials

OMI Industries, makers of the eco-friendly Ecosorb odor control products, recently announced the introduction of the Ecosorb Spray Gel — an odor control product designed for topical applications onto solid and semi-solid materials that emit odors. Applications of this new solution include solid waste materials, wastewater sludge, compost materials and remediation soil.

Utilizing the same scientific odor control formula found in Ecosorb liquid products, the Ecosorb Spray Gel applies a thin, semi-liquid gel film onto the surface of the odorous material causing contact between the emitting odors and the product. There is no masking of odors via overwhelming fragrances; rather, the Ecosorb Spray Gel absorbs and controls the odor molecules, so the offending smells are completely eliminated.

“OMI Industries has a long history of creating eco-friendly solutions that effectively break down industrial odors without the use of harsh or hazardous chemicals, expensive emission control systems or masking fragrances,” said Philip M. Coffey, President and Managing Director of OMI Industries. “The introduction of Ecosorb Spray Gel is another example of our commitment to engineering innovative, effective and safe solutions that will combat any odor issue faced by a wide variety of industrial markets.”

The odor destroying powers of Ecosorb products are supported by extensive research conducted by independent laboratories and universities. Ecosorb products have been non-toxic by the Environmental Protection Agency and have a Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) that reads like water — ensuring the highest level of safety when using it.

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About OMI Industries
OMI Industries is a worldwide leader in providing odor abatement solutions ranging from heavy industrial to consumer applications. The company’s engineering solutions solve a variety of organic and inorganic odor control issues. OMI Industries owns three unique brands: Fresh Wave IAQ (commercial), Ecosorb (industrial) and the award-winning Fresh Wave (consumer). For more information, visit

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SOURCE: OMI Industries