Organic Fertilizer

Source: Bio Gro, Division of Wheelabrator
Granulite is a nutrient-rich, organic fertilizer derived
Bio Gro, Division of Wheelabrators a nutrient-rich, organic fertilizer derived from municipal biosolids. These biosolids are recycled through heat drying and pelletizing in a specialized process. Weed-free, with a balanced pH, it provides a valuable source of nutrients, which are essential to plant growth. This fertilizer also provides organic matter, which enhances soil structure and quality. It can be used on crops such as lawns, flowers, vegetables, fruits, golf courses, citrus, corn, soybeans, hay, wheat, cotton, rice and pasture. Other features include:

•It will not burn.
•It releases its organic nitrogen slowly, creating a long feeding time
•It provides plant nutrients and micronutrients essential for growth
•It is designed to increase soil water retention capacity

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