OTR Tire Shredding

Source: SSI Shredding Systems, Inc.
From small to gargantuan, versatile SSI tire shredders get the job done
I can't believe it ate the whole OTR!

From small to gargantuan, versatile SSI tire shredders get the job done

Cut OTR tires and oversize bulky waste down to size with SSI's hefty Model 6000-HD Series 60-D shredder. SSI's high-capacity system offers many key advantages in tire shredding environments

  • Patented ACLS Advanced Cutter Locking System improves maintenance of a tight cutter stack, enhancing shredding quality and cutter wear rates
  • Dual hydraulic drives
  • Slow-speed operation offering diverse processing ability for multiple-material applications
  • Large infeed opening facilitates material feeding
  • Safer and easier to operate and maintain than high-speed equipment
  • Lower noise and dust levels than many other technologies


    A unique feature of SSI's dual drive machines is that each shaft is directly splined to the drive. That means maximum power to each shaft. It also means fewer gears; therefore, fewer parts and less maintenance. Yet best of all, each drive can be set independently to give varying speeds in the cutting chamber -- a real advantage for optimum performance in many applications.

    Cut large tires down to size

  • OTR
  • Mining
  • Earth mover
  • Heavy duty
  • Agriculture
  • Construction
  • Military
  • Forestry
  • Industrial

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