News | October 21, 2019

PegEx, Inc. Solves The e-Manifest Problem With Latest Update To Their Waste Management Software; The Pegex Platform

Recently, PegEx, Inc. announced an update to their waste management SaaS platform that leads the way in solving the e-Manifest problem the waste industry has been experiencing.

The EPA just announced a major price hike for submitting a paper manifest by raising the price from $15 to $25. This was done in an attempt to force waste generators to switch to e-Manifest, which costs only $8 per submission.

The problem that has everyone up in arms is that trying to use the EPA’s RCRAInfo e-Manifest system can be a slow, tedious, and frustrating process. It is not a user-friendly system.

The PegEx Platform enables a 2-way connection with EPA RCRAInfo Portal
PegEx has solved the e-Manifest problem by creating software that makes it fast and easy to create and submit e-Manifests directly to the EPA’s RCRAInfo Portal. The software also makes it easy to print EPA and DOT approved paper copies of a manifest using a normal printer, if you need those for the transport driver for instance.

“Our main goal is to help our customers move from a paper-based workflow to a digital workflow, transforming their business to be more streamlined and efficient. Our e-Manifest technology is just one part of that process. If you want to go all digital, and save a lot of money, we have you covered. But if you still need paper copies, it’s easy to create and print a PDF. If you are still stuck in the dot-matrix world, we have a solution for that as well,” said Jason Konen, VP of Product Development for PegEx. “We automate much of the process of filling out the manifest plus we provide two-way communications with the EPA RCRAInfo Portal. Submitting your manifest electronically is as easy as a click of a button.”

By helping customers switch from paper manifests to the e-Manifest system, PegEx is saving customers hundreds and in some cases thousands of dollars each year.

Source: PegEx, Inc.