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Conventional plate settling systems have many virtues and at least one serious shortcoming - a lack of hydraulic flow control. At higher velocities, water streams entering the system can disrupt the settling process and cause resuspension of solids. One Manufacturer believes it has solved this problem with the GEWE (Ghee'-Wee) system. This consists of closely spaced inclined plates creating a series of narrow cells. Flow into these cells is from bottom up and is controlled by baffles in the enclosed influent flume and by individual inlet orifices to each cell. This creates uniform flow across each plate achieving maximum system efficiency. Size and placement of these flow control devices is determined by computer modeling and is specific to each installation. The unit takes up less space than conventional settling systems. It's essentially self-cleaning, has no moving parts and needs only minimal operator attention. It can incorporate sludge thickening. Each plate can be individually removed. And because the plates extend above the water level, the cells are isolated and the effluent is controlled.

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