Plow Balance System

Source: J&J Truck Bodies & Trailers
The manufacturer now offers a new Plow Balance System for
The manufacturer now offers a new Plow Balance System for its line of snow and ice control equipment. The system is designed to reduce the wear on the cutting edge of snowplows by controlling the amount of weight that the plow cutting edge bears upon the road surface. A master switch, located on the power control box, is mounted inside the cab within easy reach of the driver. When the system is activated, the plow follows the contour of the road surface with reduced weight on its cutting edge thereby extending the life of the blade.

The new system also decreases the scraping noise transmitted to the cab helping to ensure a safer and more comfortable ride for the driver. With the plow balance in operation, drivers can plow one or two gears higher than normal saving money on fuel. The system is especially effective when plowing the shoulder of the road and unpaved surfaces - reduced weight of the plow on shoulder asphalt results in less damage to the road and to the blade.

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