Portable Filter Machine

Source: Barker Products
Portable Filter Machine
This Filter Stage removes both solid contaminants and water
Dirt and Water Removal

1 st Stage

This Filter Stage removes both solid contaminants and water. 25 Micron Impregnated paper for dirt removal Open Cell absorbent polymer water removal.

Polishing Element

2 nd Stage

Filters suspended contaminants to 1 Micron in diameter Removal of oxidation and decomposition products from synthetic fluids.

Unattended" Continuous & Versitile Operation

Fill the reservoir with fluid, set the timer and flow speed switches, and this machine will filter the fluid "Unattended" until the timer switch runs out. When either of the filter elements become dirty, the machine will automatically shut down. Warning lights on the panel will tell the operator that the filter elements need to be changed before the machine can be restarted. Fluid can be poured directly into the reservoir, or drawn from an external source by changing the external suction ball valve position.

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