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QUANTRON And FusionOne Finalize Agreement To Work Together On Clean Hydrogen And Plastic Reduction Solutions In North America

  • Quantron US continues to build out its Quantron-as-a-Service network aimed at providing customers with a portfolio of sustainable and efficient commercial vehicle solutions.
  • This builds on previously announced QaaS agreements.
  • Quantron US will bring its Clean Transportation Alliance concept to the US.
  • QUANTRON will announce the FusionOne agreement at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) where it is displaying as part of the German Pavilion at the Venetian.

Gersthofen /PRNewswire/ - Quantron AG is a company founded on the premise of bettering the environment by providing zero emission commercial transportation solutions with focus on hydrogen. The agreement with FusionOne furthers this mission with the additional benefit of reducing the amount of plastic waste that ends up in landfills.

Quantron US, a subsidiary of the German clean tech company, Quantron AG, is making significant strides in the US market. Quantron US has been working to drive the hydrogen revolution in the United States with its portfolio of FCEV solutions and the creation of Quantron-as-a-Service (QaaS), a per-mile platform that provides fleet owners trucks, fuel, and an end-to-end fleet management program.

"It's the ultimate environmental 'Win/Win'" says Andreas Haller, CEO and Founder of Quantron AG. "QUANTRON has a portfolio of hydrogen fuel cell vehicles and a network of QaaS strategic partners. Working with FusionOne will add a critical 'multiplier' to the goal of improving our environment. The goal of the collaboration is to establish a platform and network for the refueling of fuel cell electric vehicles ("FCEV") with a focus on trucks. We plan to support each other to enhance the recognition of hydrogen as a preferred solution for commercial transportation and to drive adoption rates. FusionOne and QUANTRON will work collaboratively to promote the additional benefits of 'H2 from recycled plastics' as a superior green energy transportation solution."

"We made exciting strides in the US in 2023," says Damaris Meyer, CFO of Quantron US. "We have a number of new partnerships and a growing list of US, Canadian and South American fleet customers interested in our zero emission solutions. QUANTRON trucks, delivered on our QaaS platform, will bring a new level of sustainable transportation and efficiency. The annual market in the Class 8 segment alone is 300,000 vehicles, which will need to be decarbonized in the future. And we are at the forefront of this movement."

John Zorbas, Chairman of the Board of Directors of FusionOne states: "FusionOne and QUANTRON are synergizing their expertise to forge a sustainable path forward in the transportation sector with sustainable hydrogen fuel derived from recycled plastics. Our proprietary HydroPlas™ technology is part of the driving force behind this venture, processing waste plastic streams into zero-emission hydrogen fuel, and targeting feedstock-rich, fuel-hungry warehouses, distribution centers, and ports. This initiative is more than an advancement in clean energy – it's a unifying mission that brings together the pioneering technology of FusionOne with the robust hydrogen fuel cell vehicle portfolio of QUANTRON."

"We're embarking on an exciting journey with QUANTRON, leading to a comprehensive, zero-emission solution for heavy goods mobility," states Elliott Talbott, CEO of FusionOne. "This collaboration will accelerate the deployment of our HydroPlas™ system across North America, converting waste to clean fuel and powering a new generation of QUANTRON class 8 trucks. Our joint efforts will significantly amplify the impact of each mile driven by QUANTRON's trucks, turning waste plastic into energy and clearing the path towards a more sustainable future."

Matthew Emory, EVP of FusionOne's South Eastern Region, adds, "With a significant clean plastic feedstock – equivalent to 150 football fields in volume – earmarked for conversion, we're turning what was once landfill material into sustainable road fuel. This marks a significant step in our commitment to environmental stewardship.

As we join forces with QUANTRON and other partners in the Clean Transportation Alliance, FusionOne is excited to contribute to a greener future, where every mile traveled by a fleet is a step towards reducing plastic waste and promoting zero-emission transportation."

Quantron US to Establish Clean Transportation Alliance.

Quantron AG initiated a CLEAN TRANSORTATION ALLIANCE in 2022 to bring together companies and experts along the zero-emission commercial vehicle value chain.

The alliance brings together companies involved in the production, transport, storage and dispensing of hydrogen for commercial vehicles. Leading companies like BALLARD, Neuman & Esser, HYPION and European Waste-to-Hydrogen companies have joined the initiative – all working towards a common goal, to decarbonize transportation and establish Hydrogen as a fuel for heavy-duty vehicles.

FusionOne is joining other Quantron US partners as this alliance grows in North America:

  • New Day Hydrogen for fleet-located electrolyzers which will help customers overcome H2 supply issues.
  • First Element Fuel, the largest US H2 refueling network as a refueling partner
  • ROQIT, a Joint Venture (JV) with Goldstone Technologies to provide customers with zero emission-optimized fleet management solutions.

About Quantron AG
Quantron AG is a platform provider and specialist for sustainable transportation for people and goods; in particular for trucks, buses and vans with fully electric powertrains and H2 fuel cell technology. As a high-tech spinoff of the renowned Haller KG, the German company from Augsburg in Bavaria combines over 140 years of commercial vehicle experience with state-of-the-art e-mobility know-how and positions itself globally as a partner to existing OEMs.

With the Quantron-as-a-Service Ecosystem (QaaS), QUANTRON offers an overall concept that covers all facets of the mobility value chain: QUANTRON INSIDE includes a wide range of both new vehicles and conversions for existing and used vehicles from diesel to battery and hydrogen electric powertrains using the highly innovative QUANTRON INSIDE technology. QUANTRON CUSTOMER SOLUTIONS ensures digital and physical aftersales solutions with a Europe-wide network of 700 service partners, as well as a service offering for maintenance, repair and spare parts, telematics and in-cloud solutions for remote diagnostics and fleet management. Customers receive individual solutions: rental, financing and leasing offers such as training courses and workshops at the QUANTRON Academy. In the future, QUANTRON ENERGY & POWER STATION will realize the production of green hydrogen and electricity as a platform. To this end, Quantron AG has joined forces with strong global partners. This Clean Transportation Alliance also forms an important building block for the supply of vehicles with the necessary green charging and H2 refueling infrastructure.

QUANTRON stands for the core values Reliable, Energetic, Brave. The team of experts at the innovation driver for e-mobility is making a significant contribution to sustainable, environmentally friendly passenger and freight transport. You can find more information at

About FusionOne
FusionOne Energy Corp. is an innovative leader in the clean energy sector, pioneering the conversion of plastic waste into valuable hydrogen and electricity. Our proprietary technology, including the advanced HydroPlas Reactor™️, sets us apart as we create a zero-emission future by diverting plastic waste from landfills and converting it into clean, sustainable energy. Committed to the commercialization of this technology, FusionOne is leading the charge towards a greener planet and a sustainable energy landscape. Our efforts align with global initiatives to lower energy bills, achieve climate goals, and electrify homes, businesses, and transportation. FusionOne is dedicated to advancing clean power solutions and investing in the future of energy, creating a circular economy that benefits both the environment and society at large.

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