News | October 6, 2022

RoadRunner Recycling Acquires Compology To Accelerate Sustainable Waste And Recycling

The two technology-driven entities unite to bring the most advanced sustainable waste management solutions to an $80 billion industry

Pittsburgh, PA and San Francisco, CA /PRNewswire/ - RoadRunner Recycling, a leader in comprehensive sustainable waste management, today announced it has acquired Compology, the world's largest waste and recycling smart metering technology company. This moves bolsters RoadRunner's sustainability offerings through enhanced data collection, artificial intelligence (AI), and ESG reporting capabilities, positioning it to accelerate the modernization of the waste and recycling industry at large.

Compology delivers world-class waste and recycling metering technology powered by smart cameras and AI. Its computer vision technology, which is used by some of the world's largest brands, delivers transparency and waste intelligence through key insights like how full a dumpster is, what's inside it, and when it's been serviced last. By integrating Compology's waste and recycling smart metering, RoadRunner will now offer the most technologically advanced, comprehensive, sustainable waste management solution for businesses and governments of all sizes looking to seamlessly increase recycling rates, reduce costs, and accurately report on environmental impact.

"The future of sustainable waste and recycling management requires smart technology and intelligence," said Graham Rihn, Founder and CEO of RoadRunner Recycling. "We couldn't be more excited to join forces with Compology, a team that brings industry-leading technology and a shared passion for using data to help businesses increase recycling and operate more sustainably, while spending less for better service."

Recycling for businesses in the United States is complicated, time-consuming, costly, and lacks transparency and accurate data. With rising pressure from investors, regulators, consumers, and employees for accurate ESG disclosures, zero waste to landfill initiatives, and reduced carbon emissions, companies are in need of reliable and smart waste and recycling solutions that are founded in data.

"Data-driven solutions are essential tools for businesses to achieve their sustainability goals," said Jason Gates, Co-Founder and CEO of Compology. "Combining our platforms is a monumental step toward making cost-effective, sustainable waste management a reality for organizations."

"The systemic transformation needed to tackle climate change will require innovative leaders – like RoadRunner and Compology – to join forces in advancing key climate solutions," said Michael Bevan, Managing Director of BeyondNetZero, General Atlantic's climate investing venture and Series D investor in RoadRunner. "We are excited about this acquisition and the ways it will further strengthen RoadRunner's sustainability offerings as the company leverages technology and data analytics to help organizations across North America reduce their carbon emissions."

RoadRunner's goal is to not only provide the most reliable and affordable waste and recycling management services, but to help businesses and governments reduce their environmental impact using modern technology. To date, RoadRunner's tech-enabled recycling solutions have improved recycling rates by an average of 10X for customers. By integrating Compology's 150 million data points with its current service offering, RoadRunner will have the data capabilities necessary to further enhance recycling rates, lower carbon emissions, and enable accurate ESG reporting.

This year, RoadRunner more than doubled its employee headcount, with nearly 600 employees and growing. As RoadRunner integrates Compology's technology and people, it will continue to grow its team and expand to new markets. Together, RoadRunner and Compology will offer the most robust innovative sustainable waste management solutions for customers.

About RoadRunner Recycling
RoadRunner Recycling is on a mission to elevate recycling in a world dominated by waste. The company provides customized and sustainable materials management solutions, supported by technology, and engineered to serve thousands of commercial businesses from more than 20 industries across the country. RoadRunner leverages its proprietary technology and expertise to boost cost savings, improve recycling rates, streamline waste operations, and deliver an unparalleled customer experience that drives sustainability for the waste industry, and our world, forward. For more information on RoadRunner and its services visit:

About Compology
Compology is the global leader in waste and recycling smart metering technology, powered by smart cameras and artificial intelligence. A certified B Corporation headquartered in San Francisco, Compology delivers unprecedented visibility to the waste and recycling industry, serving some of the largest Fortune 500 companies, property management firms, waste hauling companies, waste brokers and services providers and cities and universities. Compology enables more efficient and sustainable waste and recycling operations by providing waste intelligence derived from simple data such as how full a dumpster is, what's inside it and when it's been serviced. Visit for more information.

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