Safety/Environment Control System

Source: Tekla Inc.
Providing real-time environmental information, Xenvi is an integrated safety and environment control system
Tekla Inc.eal-time environmental information, Xenvi is an integrated safety and environment control system. It is designed to control situations including normal and accidental gas leaks, fires, risks caused by vandalism or terrorist activities, and other potential risks in industrial areas, subways and military installations. Information created by different kind of sensors such as fire, gas leakage, motion detectors and weather stations are collected to the system and displayed to the user. The sensors and data logging devices may be portable or fixed installed. Data accumulated by the loggers can be uploaded via a cable or by using a wireless connection. The user interface provides a versatile control system for alarm management or for fire door opening and closing.

Security personnel can manage rescue operations in situations where time is a critical factor utilizing the 3D-modelling feature. In a hazardous chemical accident, the system will indicate the exact location of the leakage area and provide information about the dispersing gas cloud. The real-time dispersion calculation is based on the weather and gas detector monitoring. The calculation results are weighted by the real-time gas detector measurement results.

Instructions for immediate action are offered by the system, as well as the possibility both for realistic accident/catastrophe exercises and individual training. Accident situations can be simulated by using the online information generated by the system.

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