Sample Conditioning System

Source: Perma Pure Inc.
Sample Conditioning System
The sample conditioning systems are designed to condition hot sample gas streams
Perma Pure Inc.conditioning systems are designed to condition hot sample gas streams by continuous, selective removal of particulate, condensate, and water vapor without loss of analyte gases. The gas dryer removes water vapor from the hot sample before it cools down and condenses, eliminating the water soluble analytes that can be lost in chiller systems. Perma Pure Inc.dew point of this system can be reduced to –25°C or less, which limits residual water content and the possibility of condensation under adverse conditions. The unit features a one micron particulate filter mounted upstream of the gas dryer (which is sized to the requirements for the individual applications). All conditioning components are secured inside a rugged, Nema 4X fiberglass enclosure and are mounted to an aluminum backplate with high efficiency heat transfer blocks.

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