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Marathon has the right shredder and size reduction equipment to fit your needs
Marathon has the right shredder and size reduction equipment to fit your needs. The particular type of equipment and model selected is determined by the individual characteristics of the material being reduced and the capacity desired. Meeting your materials reduction requirements is our first goal! That's why Marathon offers a Factory Test Lab. Send us your material and we will determine the right equipment to produce the your desired results.

Our Shredders are better! Shredders use low speed, high torque hook shear blades manufactured of high alloy heat-treated material mounted on hexagonal shafts. The number of hooks, reach of hooks, and blade thickness are determined by the material being reduced. Counter rotating shafts turn at slightly different speeds increasing the efficiency of the cutting action. Overloads caused by foreign material stop the forward motion of the motor, reverse to clear the foreign matter, and then forward motion is resumed. Shock loads are negated by a patented ''shock absorber'' drive train. Marathon offers shredders with cutting chambers ranging in size from 17" x 14" to 60" x 28" with motors from 10 HP to 450 HP.

Contact Marathon for a free site survey and consultation to determine the right size, model and accessories to meet your special application and requirements.

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