Single Ram Baler

Source: Excel Manufacturing, Inc.
Single Ram Baler
The HV9 and HV10 single ram balers offer single sheet, interlocking construction
Excel Manufacturing, Inc. HV10 single ram balers offer single sheet, interlocking construction. The floor and side sheets are all single sheets, cut to fit together. The systems bale newspaper, office paper, magazines, OCC, PET HDPE, aluminum cans and tin cans without preconditioning. The heavy-duty construction allows the unit to bale painted aluminum siding, radiators, aluminum extrusions, and isolated wires. Features include:
• Left or Right hand hopper and controls
• 50hp TEFC motor, Standard Voltage – 460 V, 60 Hz, 3-phase
• Industrial hardened logic controller
• Hardox 400 replaceable wear liners
• 300-gallon hydraulic reservoir with regenerative circuit
• Full bale chamber penetration
• NEMA 12 rated enclosures and controls on moveable pedestal
• Castle key safety interlocking system

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