SludgeMASTER RK Indirect Sludge Dryer

Source: Fen-Tech Environmental Inc.
Benefits of Heat Drying
Benefits of Heat Drying

  • Class "A" EQ product consistently produces
  • Easy to operate
  • Process substantially reduces volume
  • Minimal space requirements
  • Product has widest potential use at highest value
  • Primary or Secondary sludge
  • Delays plant expansions

Fenton Environmental Technologies, Inc. now offers smaller generators of bio sludges an economical opportunity to dehydrate their waste products.

The RK design requires that a given amount of wet sludge be fed from the custom hopper into the dehydration chamber. This predetermined batch of sludge is then dehydrated in a controlled time and temperature regime to suit the waste product. Initially, maximum heat is applied to the sludge, raising the mass to the vaporization point of water as quickly as possible. The temperature is then reduced in increments to achieve the desired finished product. In this manner biosolids, food wastes and other organic products can be processed. The RK assures maximum quality control and end product value.

Models are available to handle 30 cu.ft. to 90 cu.ft per batch, processing from 6 to 8 batches in a 24 hour period.

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