News | January 11, 2012

South Lyon Dumpster Supports The Government Programs Towards Solid Waste Management

South Lyon Dumpster aims to help government in promoting proper solid waste management in order to minimize solid wastes in the United States. The dumpster company believes they are properly equipped with facilities and the right attitude to move toward

South Lyon, MI – One of the growing problems in the United States is garbage disposal. Some critics call this as ‘throw-away culture'. An industrial city may produce a ton of garbage in a year creating a volume that rapidly overflows local landfills. Cities will run out of space for waste disposal if this will continuously happen. And the area will be a big pollution itself to the environment. The government program towards solid waste management is one of the best remedies if not the solution to minimize the problems on garbage disposal.

One of the top priorities of South Lyon Dumpster is to provide solutions on the growing problem of the government regarding waste disposal. This dumpster rental company is fully equipped with garbage disposal facilities. They are packed with expertise in safe and proper waste disposal. They know well that most of the people do not know how to manage waste. And their role is not just to provide garbage containers for rent but to dispose it properly too.

South Lyon Dumpster also practices recycling which is one of the measures in the solid waste management program. In fact, the company gives discount or gives a lesser rental cost if some of the wastes are still recyclable. Examples of recyclable materials are construction materials like metals, shingles, scrap woods, concrete, asphalts, and paper. They segregate these kinds of materials and deliver it to recycling facilities. In fact they also encourage people to practice waste segregation.

South Lyon Dumpster also helps in the information dissemination of solid waste reduction as one of the effective measures in minimizing waste. This link reads a press release regarding solid waste reduction.

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SOURCE: Dumpster Man