Steel Deck Truck Scale

Source: Weigh-Tronix
The SteelBridge Model IMXT Steel Deck Truck Scale arrives
Weigh-Tronix idge Model IMXT Steel Deck Truck Scale arrives at the installation site in pre-assembled sections. Weigh Bar sensors, junction boxes and cables are factory calibrated. The final assembly must be done in the field. Calibration of the electronics is completed after the scale decks have been installed.

This model is a modular design with nominal capacities up to 100 tons. The scale has a concentrated load capacity (CLC) of 40 tons and dual tandem axle capacity (DTA) of 80,000 lb. The "r" factor rating is 2.35. A checkered steel tread plate provides traction and longer deck life. Link suspension of the platform gives free movement to the deck, naturally compensating for expansion and contraction due to weather changes.

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