Sustainable Landfill

Source: Environmental Control Systems, Inc.
The Sustainable Landfill is designed to be an asset rather
The Sustainable Landfill is designed to be an asset rather than a liability. This landfill utilizes a patented aerobic process that stabilizes solid waste rapidly. This system treats landfill material in situ by injecting the proper concentrations of air and moisture directly into the waste. Degradation takes place over one to three years, and produces non-toxic materials that can be mined, recovered or reused. According to the manufacturer, this opens up additional airspace, between 80 and 90%, sustaining the life of the facility, increasing revenues and/or virtually eliminating the need and expense to site, permit, design and build new landfills. Additional features include:

•Eliminates methane gas production, showing results within four weeks
•Eliminates leachate disposal in over 95% of landfills
•Eliminates VOCs as well as greenhouse gas and other typical odors
•Engineered to eliminate existing groundwater contamination
•Data based 24-hr. monitoring

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