Synthetic Deodorant

Source: Continuum Chemical Corporation
NONOX CK is an alkaline aqueous mixture of surfactants and absorbents

NONOX CK is an alkaline aqueous mixture of surfactants and absorbents developed for use in removing, neutralizing and deodorizing odors from waste processing, transportation and storage vessels. NONOX CK is effective in safely eliminating odors from fatty acids, fatty amides and other fatty molecules. The product is alkaline. The product will eliminate the pungent odors associated with grease traps, fat rendering, food processing, chicken and hog farming.


NONOX CK may be applied through automated spray wash stations or applied manually through standard hand-held pressure spray equipment. NONOX CK can also be added directly to waste water process ponds, tanks, basins, wet wells and other holding pens or vessels. Deodorize equipment by beginning the application spraying the upper portions of the process equipment first and cascading liquid to the equipment bottom. Insure that all the surfaces to be cleaned are wet with the NONOX CK solution. A clear water rinse should follow application of the product. Rinse all moldings, crevices and other areas that may trap the solution. Inspect the equipment for unremoved coating and reapply the NONOX CK as needed. The product is delivered as a concentrate. Care should be taken to wear the recommended safety eqyipment of rubber gloves, boots and safety goggles.


The product should be applied as a diluted solution at a recommended 50:1 or up to 100:1 ratio in water. See your Continuum account representative for specific recommendations.


55 gallon closed head poly drum; tote bin; or bulk

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