System Ten Sixty

Source: Harmony Enterprises
Put the Power of the System Ten Sixty to Work for You
Put the Power of the System Ten Sixty to Work for You
System Ten Sixty the Vertical Baler that simply gets it done

For over 25 years GPI has stood for the best in solid waste recycling equipment. GPI balers have no peers when it comes to engineering, workmanship, and durability. They are the standard of the industry and it shows.

The System Ten Sixty Baler can be configured as a unique rear feed baler for use in very high capacity situations as well as a simple front feed system where space is really at a premium.

Using the rear feed system; steel and aluminum cans, plastic bottles, and newsprint are simply dumped into the conveyor hopper. This recyclable material is then conveyed into the baler and automatically compacted into extremely dense bales. When the desired bale height is reached, the baler shuts down and signals the operator to tie off and eject the bale.
A computer engineered frame that withstands 235,620 pounds of force

The System Ten Sixty is a versatile machine that produces big results. It features a 10-inch bore hydraulic cylinder with twin torque tubes. Extra heavy-duty construction extends to every aspect of the machine including the dual hydraulic ejectors, which smoothly eject bales weighing over 2,000 pounds. The hydraulically operated variable speed conveyor is controlled by the baler and is designed to maximize productivity.

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