T-Rex Series Baler

Source: American Baler Company
The T-REX series is a fully functioning two-ram extrusion baler.
The T-REX series is a fully functioning two-ram extrusion baler. While conventional two-ram balers use one ram to compress materials and the other to eject it, this product uses the compression force of both rams to produce dense, consistently even bales.

A single ram produces maximum psi force to form a dense, even bale against the side of the previously formed bale in the extrusion chamber. This chamber hydraulically and mechanically squeezes bales from three sides, then releases to allow the bale to move on through the chamber. The extrusion concept speeds production, and eliminates the need for expensive ejection rams and bale separation doors.

It is best suited for operations that require a very large feed opening (80" x 70") to process extremely large volumes of bulky recyclables, such as corrugated, yet also need to bale all grades of paper, plastics and light metals.

  • Huge 80" X 70" hopper opening ideal for extra bulky material applications.
  • Twin rams compress bales to 43" width; lengths are adjustable.
  • Available with optional "Eagle Eye" touch screen display programmable controller.
  • Swing away auto-tier has cushioned hydraulic cylinder/tier needle drive for faster, smoother automatic bale tying.
  • Stage motor starting available -- increases production and holds down energy costs.

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