Telma's Frictionless Braking Systems

Source: Telma, Inc.
Telma's Frictionless Braking Systems
A force as old as gravity is leading a technological revolution
A force as old as gravity is leading a technological revolution? Yes. Friction braking, by basic concept, has not fundamentally changed since its inception. But by harnessing the powerful, natural physics of electromagnetism, Telma technology takes tremendous strain off the outgrown friction design and effectively transfers the torque and energy away from all moving parts.

Efficiently integrated with the axle, driveline or transmission, Telma's innovative engineering provides instantaneous stopping power that is quiet and independent of your vehicles engine. The Telma's powerful eddy currents can be activated in accordance to a variety of customer needs, including brake pedal, off-throttle or hand control. And because of its incredibly short response time, (just 120 milliseconds!) the frictionless Telma is actually activated before the friction brakes are applied, thus handling up to 85% of the braking horsepower needed to slow the vehicle.

Versatile installation options

Once installed, a Telma unit is virtually maintenance-free, lasts the life of the vehicle, and can be re-installed on future vehicles. Installation options include a driveline mount, or focal mounts on the axle or transmission.

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