The CompuWeigh Program

Source: Paradigm Software, L.L.C.
Account Edit, Truck Edit, Transaction Edit, Posting, Reporting, and Shift Totals are included in the standard CompuWeigh System.
  • Maintain and manage trucks, accounts, and transactions
  • Navigation within program is the same, no matter what module you are in
  • Many levels of security – able to set on a user-by-user basis
  • Reporting module in program – ability to create your own reports, quickly and easily
  • Standardized on the Microsoft Office family of products
  • Export transactions into industry standard accounting packages, including Solomon IV for Windows, Peachtree Accounting, QuickBooks, MAS 90, Great Plains, or an in-house accounting package
  • Filter and sort capability on screen and in reporting
The following modules are available within the CompuWeigh System. Account Edit, Truck Edit, Transaction Edit, Posting, Reporting, and Shift Totals are included in the standard CompuWeigh System. If your company deals with Purchase Orders or simplified Routing, we have the ability to meet your needs with the addition of the PO and/or Routing Modules.

Account Edit Features

  • Add/modify all account information
  • Maintain account specific rates
  • Integrated with Word to do mail merges or envelopes for one or more accounts
Truck Edit Features
  • Add/modify all truck, vehicle, or container information
  • Store all default information based on each truck to help automate the process of its transaction the next time it goes over the scale
  • Stored tare weight with expiration date and the option of automatic re-tare enforcement
Transaction Edit Features
  • Ability to edit transaction data, with any changes made tracked and recorded to a separate database for auditing purposes
  • Recall all transaction data that was collected at the scale
  • Strong filtering and sort capability to quickly find the transaction you need
Posting Features
  • Print invoices and transaction summaries from within CompuWeigh
  • Export transaction information, detailed or summarized, into an industry standard accounting package or even your current, in-house accounting package
Reporting Features
  • Ability to create numerous reports with multiple levels of selection and sorting criteria Save and Recall report templates that you create Send reports to Printer, Screen, Grid, or Export to an ASCII flat file
  • Built-in viewing of reports in Word, analysis in Excel or Access, or export reports directly as HTML web pages in Internet Explorer
  • Summarized totals reporting available from within the program
Purchase Order Features
  • Track PO and Booking Information for a given commodity
  • Track Shipping Information for the particular Booking
  • Track Fulfillment Information
  • Automatic WeighStation notification if Purchase Order or Booking exceeds the Cut-Off Date or Order Limit
Routing Features
  • Track Driver, Description, Route Type, Day of Week, and Notes about a given route
  • Specify necessary information about each stop of the given route
  • Default information from Routing Module is used in WeighStation for fast, accurate processing of transactions
Full Control
The integration of all these modules into one powerful program gives you entire control over your business and facility operations. Let the CompuWeigh System from Paradigm Software, L.L.C. help you manage your weighing facility the way you want to.

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