Source: Steco, Inc.
The "Titan" is ideal for hauling scrap material of most any nature
The "Titan" is ideal for hauling scrap material of most any nature. Utilizing high strength alloy, this frameless design allows for the perfect balance between weight, strength, and capacity.

Top Rail-The standard 3" x 4" x 3/16" structural tube is available with an optional inverted angle, combining to create a tremendously strong top rail that remains free of debris.

Sides-8 gauge AR400F steel with 10-gauge high tensile steel bolsters.

Floor-8 gauge AR400F, full length.

Hoist-The external mounted, 8" x 5 stage, hydraulic cylinder is inverted and utilized a breakaway pin.

Tailgate- The standard tailgate is constructed of 8 gauge AR400F and is designed with a double hinge feature which allows it to be used as either a high-lift gate with a 84" clearance or a traditional top hinged gate.

Draft Arms- 3" x 4" x 3/16 tube. This design is also available in a "full-frame" chassis.

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