Source: International Trucks
The company offers the International 5000i Series trucks and tractors
International TrucksTIONAL 5000i Series trucks and tractors are engineered to include a complete package, with integrated components from the powertrain to the cab. Options for these models include:

• Front axles up to 20,000-lb (9,072 kg) capacity
•Rear axles up to 70,000-lb (31,752 kg) capacity
• Available factory-installed front driving axles with up to 23,000-lb (10,433 kg) capacity
•A matched powertrain with ratings up to 600hp

The 5900i model features:
• 120-in. BBC with a set-forward front axle.
• Typically configured as a transfer tractor

The 5600i model features:
• 114-in. BBC with a set-back front axle
• High SBA maneuverability
• A standard tilt hood and available butterfly hood with pit fenders.

The 5500i model features:
• 114-in. BBC with set-forward front axle
• 28-in. bumper-to-axle designed for maximum bridge-formula payload.

5000i models are also available in roll-off and rear-loader configurations for those customers who require the strength of 12-in. frame rails and increased engine power.

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