Tub Grinder

Source: Morbark, Inc.
The model 1300 is well suited for very large, industrial
The model 1300 is well suited for very large, industrial volume, wood waste disposal, reduction and recycling. The unit has applications in larger municipalities, counties, solid waste facilities, land clearing, recycling and demolition contractors, landfills, composting facilities and wood yards. It processes stumps, brush, pallets, demolition and construction debris, railroad ties, bark and green waste at rates from 120 - 320 cubic yd.³ per hour, depending on the material. It is effective as a primary or secondary grinder, and product screens are available to meet any sizing requirements.

The unit is positioned for operations requiring higher production than a 1200 without stepping all the way up to a 1400. It is completely portable and self-contained. It is also equipped with a knuckleboom loader, which reduces the need for support equipment. Complete breakaway torque limiter helps eliminate the need for belt drives, sheaves and jack shafts. It includes full hydraulic tub tilt, hydraulic folding conveyor, and pressure compensated hydraulic system.

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